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Grain Report - Delayed Pricing Ends Aug. 22

The only thing normal about this marketing year has been the seasonal selloff we have seen in the past three weeks.  The bulls are hoping that will come to an end with the release of the August 12th, monthly WASDE report.  Kyle Leary - Grain Marketer
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Grain Update - July 2019

After the stressful and wet spring, the market has priced in some risk premium as the USDA and others figure out exactly what this crop is going to look like. Crop conditions have been worse compared to last year and the 5-year average in both corn and beans. The attached graph shows how funds have completely reversed their position due to weather complications and has also assisted in the recent rally. TJ Fulton - Grain Marketer
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E-sign Now Available

Crystal Valley now has E-Sign for grain contracts.  Producers have the option to e-sign via text message or email.  At 5:10 pm the day you make a contract you will receive a text and/or email with your contract.  Kyle Leary - Grain Marketer
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Grain Storage Rate Changes

As we continue to work through this tight margin environment, capitalizing on all your assets and opportunities is going to be very important.  One of these opportunities this year and going forward is going to be storage.  Kyle Leary - Grain Marketer
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Grain Updates - March, 2019

We have also opened free delayed pricing at all locations. This grain must be priced by August 22nd NO EXCEPTIONS. We are also looking at new crop prices and getting offers working. TJ Fulton - Grain Marketer
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DPAD: How Doing Business with the Cooperative Can Benefit You

There are several benefits of doing business through the cooperative. One of those benefits involves selling grain to the cooperative where you could receive a DPAD (Domestic Production Activities Deduction) pass through. A patron who delivers grain to any Crystal Valley location, as well as direct ship bushels, is potentially eligible for this deduction. Megan Tusa - Grain Marketer
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Winter Blues?

As of this writing, we are all eagerly awaiting the results of the G20 meeting and if the US and China can start working on a trade deal. We are also watching the South American crop during their growing season. Crop conditions in Brazil so far are looking quite good. We will see if the good weather continues for the next couple of months. Megan Tusa - Grain Marketer
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