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Mar 04, 2020

Janesville Feed and Grain Announcement

Last weekend an incident occurred at our Grain Elevator and Feed Mill in Janesville.  

Sometime between the close of business on Friday evening and late Saturday morning, the facility experienced an electrical failure, which resulted in an arc flash in the motor control center (MCC) room.  (The MCC room is a concrete block enclosure approximately 8’x14’ in size that contains all the electrical feeds, panels, and breakers that power all the mill and elevator equipment.)

The electrical failure and subsequent arc flash resulted in substantial damage to the motor control center and has rendered the facility currently without power and, therefore, inoperable.

Most fortunately and importantly, no one was injured as there was no one on-site at the time of the occurrence.  Damage was confined to the MCC room and the adjoining grain sample room located between the two-grain driveways/receiving pits.

We are working with local electricians and state inspectors to restore temporary power as soon as possible. Feed manufacturing has shifted to our other mills (primarily Vernon Center) to take care of our Janesville customers’ feed needs.

We will continue to update our customers as we know more.

Questions or Concerns

Please contact Roger Kienholz- CEO, Bob Raue- Vice President Feed, Jeff Spence - Vice President Grain at 507-726-6455.

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