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Crystal Valley and Darfur Fire Depeartment
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Jackson County Food 4 For Kids 2018

Jackson County Food 4 Kids

Community Involvement


At Crystal Valley, we are dedicated to community involvement and believe it's our corporate and social responsibility to give back to the communities that we serve through our time and contributions. We have selected organizations within our three regions that align with our core values and our mission as a company. 

In our pursuit to help feed the world, Crystal Valley has chosen to partner with the BackPack for Food Program in Mankato in Region 1 and Jackson County Food 4 Kids in Region 3. We are very fortunate to have Farmamerica in our Region 2 as an Agriculture Education partner. Through this partnership, we will have the opportunity to help teach youth (and adults) about the evolution of ag. 

Bpack Website

The BackPack for Food Program in Mankato covers the following communities: Mankato Area Public Elementary, Lake Crystal, Maple River East, Maple River West, St. Clair, Nicollet, and Good Thunder.

To find out more or how to get involved, visit:

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The Jackson County Food 4 Kids covers the following communities: Lakefield Middle School, Jackson County Riverside Elementary, Pleasantview Elementary, Jackson County Central Middle School, Heron Lake – Okabena Elementary, Immanuel Lutheran Elementary.

To find out more or how to get involved, visit:

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Farmamerica exists to connect people with the evolution of agriculture by being Minnesota’s center for agricultural interpretation. Their goal is to help people to better understand how agriculture shaped Minnesota’s past and how it continues to provide our communities with food, fiber, and renewable fuels in a more sustainable manner than ever before. 

To find out more or how to get involved, visit: