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Account Applications

Download business or personal account information below.


Authorization For Automatic Debit

Partnerships, Corporations and Other Business Purposes

About the account application process:

1. Account applications may take up to 5 business days from the time they are received by the Crystal Valley credit department to be reviewed and processed.

2. The federal government requires all accounts to complete the W-9 form.   The name that is provided on the W-9  is required to match the name on the account application.

3. The Sales Tax Exemption certificate (Certificate of Exemption, Form ST3) is to be completed by accounts who are exempt from state sales tax. 

It is very important to complete the application in its entirety.  Incomplete applications may 
cause delays in the application review and account set up process.

All forms may be filled out electronically, signed and emailed to or mailed to the information listed on the application.

Please call us at 507-726-6455.


Please note
Applicants who indicate the following bank references need to complete an additional step:

* Home heat only - does not need to complete this step.

  • Wells Fargo customers: download and complete the form required by Wells Fargo for the Release of Authorization. 
  • US Bank customers: call Credit Manager at 507-726-6455