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October Grain News

We have put together a decent rally since putting in our year lows in mid-September. We are up about 24 cents for corn and 55 cents for beans as I am writing this. TJ Fulton - Grain Marketer
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USDA Corn Yield Report

Yield reports from parts of the Midwest are starting to trickle in. Lots of good reports out of Illinois, variable reports from Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri. We have once again put in new marketing year lows in the recent trading days, corn and beans both dipping slightly lower than we were mid-July. Megan Tusa - Grain Marketer
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Grain Update - Direct Payments

On Monday, August 27th the US Secretary of Ag announced details of the plan to assist farms for the suppressed prices due to the trade war with China. $12 billion was set aside for the program that will be distributed in three ways; direct payments to farmers, food purchase and distribution program and global trade promotion. Kyle Leary - Grain Marketer
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Grain Marketing Update - August 2018

Markets have been trying to recover after the USDA report showed a very bearish bean ending stock number and corn yield number. Since the report the markets have rebounded as of this writing with Dec 18 corn trading around $3.80 and Nov 18 beans trading around $9.00. This has been an encouraging recovery with some potentially favorably market-moving news being talked about with our trade relations. Ryan Brandts - Grain Marketing Manager
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Grain Update - August 2018

After the USDA crop report last Friday we have taken any long-term rally out of the cards I believe until after harvest. If those numbers are correct, we are looking at a carry out in Beans at numbers we haven’t seen in decades. The report takes into consideration that the trade war with China will continue this marketing year and hopefully that will change. Jeff Spence - Vice President, Grain
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Grain Marketing Update

Looking back on this winter, how the cold and snowy weather didn’t want to go away, reminds me of how these markets felt through most of the fall and winter. Ryan Brandts - Grain Marketer
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Grain Update

It seems like it has been a long and cold winter and I am sure all of us are looking forward to spring. Along with the coming of spring, farmers need to decide how many acres of corn and soybeans to plant. Jeff Spence - Vice President, Grain
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