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Current employees

Aaron Barnard Pp
Aaron Barnard Millwright Manager Vernon Center
Abigail Swenson
Abigail Swenson Administrative Specialist Trimont
Adam Hass
Adam Hass Precision Ag Consultant Jackson
Alex Goltz
Alex Goltz Custom Applicator Madelia
Alex Van Norman
Alex Van Norman Millwright Vernon Center
Img 3673 2
Alice O'Connor Administrative Specialist Round Lake
Alli Peterson
Alli Peterson Sales Agronomist La Salle
Amanda Britton Pp
Amanda Britton Administrative Specialist Janesville
Amber Lang Pp
Amber Lang Feed Administrative Manager Mankato
Andrew Miller
Andy Miller Energy Service Manager Nicollet
Andy Bergemann
Andy Bergemann Feed Delivery Vernon Center
Ann Smith Pp
Ann Smith Human Resources Generalist Mankato
Ann Lesch Pp
Ann Lesch General Ledger Accountant Jackson
Ann Stephenson Pp
Ann Stephenson Credit Manager Mankato
Arthur Forst Pp
Arthur Forst Sales Agronomist Waldorf
Arvin Dahl Pp
Arvin Dahl Grain Operations La Salle
Ashley Gohr Administrative Specialist Trimont
Austin Rossow
Austin Rossow Sales Agronomist Jackson
Bailey Rustman Pp
Bailey Schiefelbein Administrative Specialist Vernon Center
Ben Youngerberg Pp
Ben Youngerberg Precision Equipment Sales & Service Elysian
Bill Landin Pp
Bill Landin Energy Procurement Mananger Mankato
Brendon Caraway Pp
Brendon Caraway Lead Feed/Grain Operations Vernon Center
Brian Reid Pp
Brian Reid Custom Applicator Madelia
Brian Krumwiede Pp
Brian "Bush" Krumwiede Grain Location Manager Trimont
Brittany Otteson 2
Brittany Otteson Administrative Specialist Mankato
Bryce Wendling Pp
Bryce Wendling Agronomy Operations Round Lake
Caleb Kortuem
Caleb Kortuem Software Developer Mankato
Img 2420 2
Candance Morrison Administrative Specialist Lakefield
Carter Wihlm 020518
Carter Wihlm Grain Operations Madelia
Cassie Meyer
Cassie Meyer Administrative Specialist Vernon Center
Chad Black
Chad Black Custom Applicator, Energy Service Technician Madelia
Chad Riley Pp
Chad Riley Grain Trucking Manager Madelia
Chris Baumgard Pp
Chris Baumgard Mill Operations Vernon Center
Chris Hulke
Chris Hulke Energy Sales Nicollet
Chris Wray Energy Technology Specialist Mankato
Chris Cedillo Grain Operations Madelia
Chris Whitehead Pp
Chris Whitehead Grain Marketer Madelia
Chris Thurk
Chris Thurk Sales Agronomist Lakefield
Clint Forstrom
Clint Forstrom Agronomy Operations Specialist Madelia
Cole Kottke Pp
Cole Kottke Regional Operations Manager Madelia
Cole Ziemer Custom Applicator Jackson
Cole Benson Energy Transportation Specialist Janesville
Colin Nasers
Colin Nasers Sales Agronomist Trainee Lakefield
Colten Drageset
Colten Drageset Mill Operations Vernon Center
Craig Huisman
Craig Huisman Energy Sales Hope
Dale Pfundt Pp
Dale Pfundt Feed Delivery Trimont
Dan Eisenbacher Feed Delivery Trimont
Darin Chapman
Darin Chapman Regional Sales Manager Jackson
Darrick Wegner Pp
Darrick Wegner Sales Agronomist/Location Lead Darfur
Daryl Trautmiller
Daryl Trautmiller Energy Sales Manager Mankato
Dave Fast Pp
Dave Fast Feed Manufacturing Trimont
Dave Limoges 1
Dave Limoges Feed Sales Manager Mankato
Dsc 00093
Dave Matz Agronomy Operations Waldorf
David Dahl Pp
Dave "Wally" Dahl Feed Delivery Trimont
David Trcka
David Trcka Logistics Coordinator Janesville
David Robran
David Robran Precision Shop Coordinator Elysian
David Rothfork
David Rothfork Energy Transportation Specialist Lake Crystal
Dean Barrot Pp
Dean Barott Feed Delivery Vernon Center
Dean Morrison Pp
Dean Morrison Grain Trucking Madelia
Img 2599 2
Dean Kutnink Transport Delivery Trimont
Img 8119
Deb Loeffler Accounting Manager Mankato
Denise Micklos Pp
Denise Micklos Office Coordinator Jackson
Dennison Nelson
Dennisen Nelson Certified Energy Specialist Trimont
Derek Wills Pp
Derek Wills Agronomy Operations Lake Crystal
Derek Firchau
Derek Firchau Grain Superintendent Madelia
Doyle Becker Grain Trucking Jackson
Drew Tolzmann Pp
Drew Tolzmann Shop Coordinator Janesville
Dylan Petersen Custom Applicator Jackson
Eldon Kolander Pp
Eldon Kolander Energy Transportation Specialist Lakefield
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson Sales Agronomist Madelia
Gabe Rux Custom Applicator Janesville
Gary Spence Pp
Gary Spence Sales Agronomist/Location Lead Lake Crystal
Gary Stewart Pp
Gary Stewart Grain Operations Jackson
Gina Windschitil Pp
Gina Windschitl Administrative Specialist La Salle
Img 0925
Gloria Braun Administrative Specialist Mankato
Grody Pearson
Gordy Pearson Millwright Vernon Center
Greg Lassas Pp
Greg "Zumo" Lassas Liquid Plant Operations Madelia
Haley Bluhm
Haley Bluhm Accounts Payable Mankato
Harley Prause
Harley Prause Energy Transportation Specialist Janesville
Jacob Holz
Jacob Holz Custom Applicator Janesville
James Prince Pp 1
James Prince Sales Agronomist Waldorf
Jason Knutson Pp
Jason Knutson Grain Operations Jackson
Jason Leary Pp
Jason Leary Ag Technology Manager Mankato
Jason Melzer Pp
Jason Melzer Senior IT Support Specialist Mankato
Jay Adkins Pp
Jay Adkins Energy Sales Jackson
Jeff Pluym Pp
Jeff Pluym Feed Delivery Vernon Center
Jeff Stauffer
Jeff Stauffer Sales Agronomist/Location Lead Nicollet
Jeff Dean Pp
Jeff Dean Sales Agronomist/Location Lead Round Lake
Jeffrey Alvarenga
Jeffrey Alvarenga Grain Operations Madelia
Jeffrey Kamps
Jeffrey Kamps Agronomy Operations Nicollet
Jen Olson2
Jen Olson Energy Service Dispatch Mankato
Jennifer Potz
Jennifer Potz Feed/Grain Operations Vernon Center
Jeremiah Drahota
Jeremiah Drahota Shop Coordinator Jackson
Jeremy Ebeling Pp
Jeremy Ebeling Feed Sales Trimont
Jerrick Kalis Pp
Jerrick Kalis Custom Applicator Janesville
Jesse Malchow Pp
Jesse Malchow Regional Operations Manager Jackson
Jill Roeloffs Pp
Jill Roelofs Accounts Payable Mankato
Jim Friedrichs Pp 2
Jim Friedrichs Custom Applicator Madelia
Jim Harriman Pp
Jim Harriman Feed Operations Manager Mankato
Jim Crissinger Feed Delivery Trimont
Joe St Peter
Joe St. Peter IT Support Specialist Mankato
Joel Burmeister Pp
Joel Burmeister Agronomy Operations Lakefield
John Graham Pp
John Graham Sales Agronomist/Location Lead Vernon Center
John Hoelscher
John Hoelscher Mill Operations Vernon Center
John Thomas Pp
John Thomas Agronomy Operations Vernon Center
John Howard
John Howard Grain Trucking Jackson
Jolene Kuster Pp
Jolene Kuster Administrative Specialist Mankato
Joseph Finken Grain Trucking Madelia
Josh Coy Pp
Josh Coy Custom Applicator Janesville
Josh Friesner
Josh Friesner Energy Transportation Specialist Madelia
Josh Frommie
Josh Frommie Sales Agronomist Trimont
Josh Weber Warehouse Operations Trimont
Josh Bruns
Josh Bruns Sales Agronomist Janesville
Img 3573 2
Josh Hengel Lead Grain Operations Hope
Joyce Nelson Pp
Joyce Nelson Grain Administrative Manager Mankato
Taylor Morgan Headshot 2
Juan Marroquin Mill Operations Supervisor Trimont
Julie Lorentz Pp
Julie Lorentz Agronomy Administrative Manager Mankato
Julie Mathews Headshot
Julie Mathews Custodial Coordinator Mankato
Justin Nilson Pp
Justin Nilson Energy Service Technician Lake Crystal
Kasey Kuck Md
Kasey Kuck Custom Applicator Madelia
Kayla Davis
Kayla Davis Grain Administrative Manager Madelia | Jackson | Mankato
Kevin Roeker Pp
Kevin Roeker Feed Sales Vernon Center
Kevin Hansen Pp
Kevin Hansen Mechanic Jackson
Kirk Schweim 2
Kirk Schweim Energy Transportation Specialist Lake Crystal
Kody Moulder Pp
Kody Moulder Dry Plant Operations Madelia
Kris Raatz
Kris Raatz Feed/Grain Location Manager Vernon Center
Kyle Kurth Pp
Kyle Kurth System Administrator Mankato
Kyle Leary
Kyle Leary Grain Marketer Hope
Kylie Doering
Kylie Doering Precision Ag Specialist Mankato
Img 1710
Laura Stene Administrative Specialist Hayward
Lee Kachelmeir Pp
Lee Kachelmeier Custom Applicator Madelia
Luke Forsling
Luke Forsling Sales Agronomist Jackson
Dsc 0254
Mandy Hunecke Communications Director Mankato
Marc Gross Feed Delivery Trimont
Mark Hoffke
Mark Hoffke Senior Dynamics Engineer Mankato
Mark Norell Pp
Mark Norell Feed Delivery Trimont
Marlene Peters Pp 1
Marlene Peters Grain Trucking Madelia
Marty Erdman
Marty Erdman Transport Delivery Janesville
Mason Wedebrand Custom Applicator Jackson
Matt Conway Pp
Matt Conway Custom Applicator Janesville
Matt Missling Pp
Matt Missling Custom Applicator Madelia
Matt Schoper Pp
Matt Schoper Agronomy Sales and Marketing Manager Mankato
Matt Trcka Pp
Matt Trcka Sales Agronomist Janesville
McKenzie Brevig Sales Agronomist Nicollet
Megan Tusa Pp
Megan Tusa Grain Marketer Jackson
Melissa Schlueter
Melissa Schlueter Logistics Coordinator Mankato
Michael Sieberg
Michael Sieberg Feed Delivery Vernon Center
Michael Haeffner
Michael Haeffner Energy Transportation Specialist Jackson
Michele Bollman
Michele Bollman Accounts Receivable Mankato
Michael Devens
Mike Devens Retail Lube Specialist Madelia
Mike Beenken
Mike Beenken Sales Agronomist/Location Lead Hope
Mike Scheibel Pp
Mike Scheibel Compliance and Safety Support Mankato
Mike Scott Pp
Mike Scott Energy Operations Specialist Mankato
Mike Silverthorn Pp
Mike Silverthorn Custom Application Supervisor Madelia
Img 2206
Mike Rhomberg Energy Transportation Specialist Jackson
Mike Pioske Pp
Mike Pioske Custom Applicator Janesville
Mindy Mcdonough Pp
Mindy McDonough Administrative Specialist Waldorf
Mitchell Gilman Pp
Mitchell Gilman Senior Software Engineer Mankato
Molly Tiede
Molly Tiede Administrative Specialist Nicollet
Morgan Wels
Morgan Wels Administrative Specialist Lake Crystal
Nathan Olander
Nathan Olander Custom Application Supervisor Jackson
Nick Stiernage Dir
Nick Stiernagle Custom Application Supervisor Janesville
Dsc 0257
Nick Sandberg Grain Operations Jackson
Nichole Laue
Nicole Laue Agronomy Operations Janesville
Img 7389
Paul Lange Compliance and Safety Coordinator Mankato
Paul Miller Pp
Paul Miller Rail Technician Janesville
Rebecaa Harries Pp
Rebecca Harries Administrative Specialist Jackson
Img 8293
Reece Boucher Logistics Coordinator Madelia
Kenrick Olson Pp
Rick Olson Grain Location Manager Jackson
Riley Oeltjenoruns
Riley Oeltjenbruns Receiving Operations Trimont
Riley Stordahl 1
Riley Stordahl Custom Applicator Madelia
Roberto "RJ" Esqueda Feed Delivery Trimont
Rodney Barr
Rodney Barr Energy Transportation Specialist Lake Crystal
Rosemary Burgess Pp
Rose Burgess Administrative Specialist Mankato
Russell Keniston Pp
Russell Keniston II Software Developer Mankato
Ryan Healey Feed Delivery Trimont
Ryan Eggestein Agronomy Operations Round Lake
Img 2073 2
Ryan Potz Mill Operations Vernon Center
Sam Bethke Pp
Sam Bethke Feed Delivery Vernon Center
Sara Huper
Sara Huper Accounts Payable Mankato
Seth Rosin
Seth Rosin Custom Applicator Madelia
Shane Kolander
Shane Kolander Energy Service Technician Jackson
Img 2200
Shane Stout Grain Superintendent Hope
Shane Lines Pp
Shane Lines Energy Transportation Specialist Jackson
Stephanie Stoering
Stephanie Stoering Administrative Specialist Hope
Steve Michels Pp
Steve Michels Sales Agronomist/Location Lead La Salle
Tammi Will Edited2
Tammi Will Account Specialist Mankato
Tammy Petterson Pp
Tammy Petterson Energy Administrative Manager Mankato
Tanner Clementz
Tanner Clementz Precision Ag Consultant Mankato
Tanya Schneider Grain Operations Hope
Taylor Schultz
Taylor Schultz Precision Ag Consultant Mankato
Taylor Morgan Headshot
Taylor Morgan Grain Operations Trimont
Terry Bloomquist Pp
Terry Bloomquist Feed Delivery Trimont
Terry Kalis Pp
Terry Kalis Sales Agronomist Janesville
Thomas Cunningham Pp
Thomas Cunningham Feed Manufacturing Trimont
Tilly Thorn 2
Tilly Thorn Grain Operations La Salle
Tim Arndt Pp
Tim Arndt Custom Applicator Janesville
Tim Lueders 1
Tim Lueders Sales Agronomist Round Lake
Todd Christiansen Energy Transportation Specialist Janesville
Tom Hansen
Tom Hansen Payroll Specialist Mankato
Tom Hoffmann
Tom Hoffmann Energy Transportation Manager Mankato
Tom Cregeen Pp
Tom Cregeen Grain Trucking Jackson
Thomas Braaten
Tom Braaten Custom Applicator Madelia
Tony Jacobs Pp 1
Tony Jacobs Sales Agronomist Lake Crystal
Travis Brekken Pp
Travis Brekken Compliance and Safety Manager Mankato
Trent Flom Pp
Trent Flom Custom Applicator Janesville
Trent Wadd Pp
Trent Wadd Regional Operations Manager Janesville
Img 8410
Trevor Nilson Energy Transportation Specialist Lake Crystal
Trevor Grussing
Trevor Grussing Custom Applicator Jackson
Tyler Schmidt
Tyler Schmidt Custom Applicator Janesville
Tyler Cords Grain Operations Hope
William Crissinger Pp
William Crissinger Feed Delivery Trimont
Zac Spangenberg
Zac Spangenberg Custom Applicator Madelia