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Top Pork Producing States

I read the following January news article by Caroline Christen and thought it would be good information to share. The article shares some interesting numbers and information that we may not always receive from other sources when we are reading or listening to pork news. Caroline talks about top pork producing states, the pork industry size and value, the number of pork producers in the United States, and shares who the largest producers are. I hope you find as much value in the article as I did.
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Retirement Announcement

Jeff Spence, Vice President of Grain, has announced his impending retirement, effective August 19, 2021. Spence has served as the Vice President of Crystal Valley’s Grain Division since 2007, and his cooperative experience spans more than 42 years.
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Intern Newsletter

This summer, Crystal Valley will be hosting 15 interns at various locations around our trade territory. Each intern will be doing a summer project, complete with a group presentation at the end of their internship experience.
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Bulk vs. Packaged Lubricants

Crystal Valley carries a full line of Cenex Lubricants to serve our farmer customers, construction companies, truck and auto repair shops, and trucking fleets.
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What You Should Know About Unleaded 88

Over the last couple of years, you may have heard of an alternative for refueling your vehicle called Unleaded 88. Unleaded 88 consists of 88% octane and 15% ethanol. Unleaded 88 has been around for a few years and can be used in any vehicle that is 2001 or newer, however, it is always best practice to consult your dealer or owner’s manual before using.
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