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Jun 02, 2023

Crystal Valley and United Farmers Cooperative Merger Study Update

The boards of directors of Crystal Valley and United Farmers Cooperative met together on Wednesday, May 31, to evaluate the findings of the merger study of our two companies. After thorough consideration and much discussion, the decision was made to NOT proceed with a member vote on the merger at this time.

This merger study process has been a very beneficial learning experience for both cooperatives. In addition to joint meetings of the boards, meetings with each other’s leadership teams have provided us with fresh perspectives and valuable insights, along with identifying opportunities for operational improvement.

Even though the efforts of the last several months have not resulted in presenting the merger to our members at this time, the boards have left the door open to potential partnerships and collaboration opportunities in the future.

Meanwhile, we will continue to look for ways to strengthen Crystal Valley and better our ability to serve our customers.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Crystal Valley!

You can read more about the study process here.

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