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Merger Study

Crystal Valley and United Farmers Cooperative Enter Unification Discussions

When the announcement of the merger study with Crystal Valley and United Farmers Cooperative was made back in early January, we had anticipated completing the study and due diligence process in March and would have brought a vote to our members before spring planting.
However, the whole process has been slowed by winter storms, meeting cancellations, and rescheduling conflicts.
At a recent joint meeting of the two boards of directors, it was decided to complete the merger study and due diligence process after spring’s work and plan for patron informational meetings and a potential vote in early summer.
We look forward to bringing you the results of the study and information on the member and company benefits of a merger between these two strong, farmer-owned cooperatives.

Updated: April 25, 2023

The Boards of Directors of Crystal Valley Cooperative, Mankato, MN and United Farmers Cooperative, Winthrop, MN have unanimously agreed to proceed with a formal unification study. 

Both cooperatives possess strong balance sheets, share common values and company cultures, and have similar operating practices making this an appealing opportunity to explore. In addition, both boards of directors believe the best time to consider a merger is when both cooperatives are performing well financially.

The boards of directors of both cooperatives believe a merger could potentially create value for member-owners through improved efficiencies, expanded access to resources and ability to influence supply chains; all while providing enhanced opportunities to attract and retain the best employees to keep our coop strong.  If the study indicates a merger is beneficial for both cooperatives, a plan would be presented to members for a vote in the spring of 2023.  

We have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions and encourage you to review these for additional information. 

If you have other questions, concerns or comments, please reach out to one of our local board members or contact CEO Roger Kienholz at Crystal Valley Cooperative, at 507-726-6455.

About United Farmers Cooperative
United Farmers Cooperative is a farmer-owned cooperative serving growers and livestock producers throughout south-central Minnesota. Since its start in 1915, UFC has grown from one location and two employees to 175+ employees with multiple locations serving members through agronomy, energy, equipment, grain handling systems, feed, and grain divisions.

Originally Announced: January 4, 2023