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Producer Member Health Insurance

Crystal Valley is excited to support two healthcare options available to our members. We’ve partnered with both 40 Square Cooperative Solutions to offer you an option for your health insurance benefits. While we support this program, we are not able to answer any questions and members will need to contact program representatives for assistance. 

40 Square Cooperative Solutions 
40 Square Cooperative Solutions is an independent coop with a mission to offer access to quality healthcare, education regarding healthcare, and wellness information for Minnesota's agricultural community. 

What Options Are Available?
Various medical plans are currently offered. Additional benefits such as dental, vision, and life insurance are also offered. 40 Square plans are available through your local insurance broker. 

Health Plan Offerings

To see if you qualify, click here
For more information or a plan estimate, visit the 40 Square website:
Questions? Contact 40 Square Cooperative Solutions directly at 1-844-205-9579 or email