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May 31, 2019

Your Fields: On the Grid

By Alee Larson - Precision Ag Specialist

Accurate soil tests are a fundamental building block for corn and soybean production. Without the proper fertility levels in all areas of a field, yield potential can decline quickly and in large areas. While soil testing itself is not a new idea, applying it properly to your farm in multiple areas of each field takes a technological approach over multiple crop seasons.

Crystal Valley’s 2.5-acre grid sampling program collects more than ten 6-inch soil samples in each grid to create an accurate sample every time. These sampled locations are generated and saved in GIS software for future sample events, and resampling is recommended every 4 years. We can then compare, point-by-point, what has changed in the 4 years since the last sample and adjust your fertility program accordingly.

Implementing our VRT fertilizer programs is a crucial next step after sample results are determined. In many cases, the first year of sample/VRT implementation show low or declining P&K fertility levels in the highest-yielding parts of a farm. Regular soil testing will help you stay on top of historical high yield levels that remove high loads of nutrients while limiting application rates in areas where low crop yields have been slower to remove nutrients.

Talk to your Crystal Valley Agronomist and Precision Ag Specialist to learn more about our soil testing and VRT fertility offerings!

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