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Nov 23, 2020

When to Call for Propane Service

Propane can be an intimidating product to work with. To ensure your home or office is operating safely, we ask all Crystal Valley propane customers to contact us if any of the following things take place. 

1. System Check by a Service Technician:

A service technician should do a system check to ensure there are leaks, all connections are good, and proper supply volume is in place before use. Techs will also run through safety protocols with our customers.   

Examples include:

  • Adding or replacing any propane appliances, generators, heaters, etc.
    • Rebates may also be available for appliances you have added or replaced.
  • Propane set up on your property
  • Becoming a new Crystal Valley propane customer and creating a new contract for a tank already in place on a new property.
2. If You Smell Gas: Immediately call 911 and get out of the house.
  • If it is safe to do so, turn off your propane tank.
  • After the fire department deems it safe, call Crystal Valley to have a service technician do a system check to the house before resuming use of your LP tank.
3.  Safe Practices
  • Do not use ventless propane products in your home.
  • Do not use portable cylinders in a confined area or as a substitute for your tank.
  • In the event, you disturb or damage a propane line or component, have it properly repaired, including having a leak check done by a service technician.
  • If in question about propane safety issues, air on the side of caution and have it checked.

If you have any questions about propane service with Crystal Valley, call us at 833-594-0339

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