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Apr 21, 2022

Minnesota State Students Visit Ziegler Farms

On April 18th, the Precision Ag team members spent an evening sharing their insight on precision agriculture with Minnesota State University freshman and sophomores. Students were part of the honors program and have been learning about how farmers today are stewarding the land and caring for animals in the agriculture industry in class.

The event was held at Ziegler farms, and students toured with Sam Ziegler, farm owner, who shared about his operation, the equipment/technology he uses, and where the crops he plants end up.

Jason Leary, Ag Technology Manager, and Tanner Clementz, Precision Ag Consultant, shared out precision ag can help farmers make informed decisions based on technology and data. 

It was a great night for students, full of takeaways that can be used as they continue their education and begin to take steps into roles as part of the future of agriculture.

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