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Mar 26, 2019

Grain Updates - March, 2019

By TJ Fulton - Grain Marketer

After the record-setting snowy February, it is nice to 40’s and 50’s in the forecast. Spring is here on the calendar and seeing many farmers getting to work on their planters and other equipment, spring in the field will be here soon. We are at the last week of sign up for the Daily Pricing Program, a deadline of 3/29. You can sign bushels up for old crop corn, new crop corn and beans, and 2020 corn. Contact your local marketer about more details.

We have also opened free delayed pricing at all locations. This grain must be priced by August 22nd NO EXCEPTIONS. We are also looking at new crop prices and getting offers working. There are many times when offers hit in the overnight or right on open, getting bushels priced when we are not in immediate contact. Talk to your local marketer about getting some working and setting up a plan of action.

Be on the lookout in Hope for our new construction project. We will be putting a roof and higher sidewalls over our existing bunker pad. This will increase the storage from 2.8 million bushels to 4 million bushels. This will also avoid the hassles that come with putting on the tarp in the fall. I’m sure we will be posting progress pictures along the way.

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