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Jun 08, 2021

Bulk vs. Packaged Lubricants

Crystal Valley carries a full line of Cenex Lubricants to serve our farmer customers, construction companies, truck and auto repair shops, and trucking fleets.

Our current offerings:

  • Bulk oil totes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.
  • Tank lease program where you could qualify to have a tank set at no cost based on your annual usage.
  • A bulk oil delivery program for packaged lubricants available in different forms to satisfy a wide variety of consumption rates and storage.

To select the best packaging best suited for your needs, consider the following factors:

  1. What is your average consumption rate?
  2. What is an appropriate safety stock to maintain that accounts for emergency refills and delivery delays?
  3. What is Crystal Valley’s standard delivery time?

We have made a few changes to our bulk oil delivery program:

Each region within Crystal Valley will have deliveries on specific days:

  • Region 1 (Madelia, Darfur, LaSalle, Vernon Center, Lake Crystal): Friday
  • Region 2 (Janesville, Hope, Nicollet, Hayward, Waldorf): Monday
  • Region 3 (Jackson, Trimont, Round Lake, Lakefield): Wednesday

Please note, when delivering bulk oil products, if the order is under 80 gallons, there will be an additional $2.00 per gallon delivery charge added on.

This is a cumulative total, for example, it could be 50 gallons of 1 product and 30 gallons of another product (excluding DEF).

Not sure what is best for your operation? We are here to help! Contact your Energy Salesperson to assist you with pricing and sizing options.

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