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Main Office
1911 Excel Drive Mankato, MN 56001
Local: 507-726-6455
Other locations
Haley Bluhm
Haley Bluhm Accounts Payable Mankato
Michele Bollman
Michele Bollman Accounts Receivable Mankato
Img 0925
Gloria Braun Administrative Specialist Mankato
Travis Brekken Pp
Travis Brekken Compliance and Safety Manager Mankato
Rosemary Burgess Pp
Rose Burgess Administrative Specialist Mankato
Tanner Clementz
Tanner Clementz Precision Ag Consultant Mankato
Mitchell Gilman Pp
Mitchell Gilman Senior Software Engineer Mankato
Tom Hansen
Tom Hansen Payroll Specialist Mankato
Jim Harriman Pp
Jim Harriman Feed Operations Manager Mankato
Jeff Hendricks2
Jeff Hendricks Vice President, Agronomy Mankato
Mark Hoffke
Mark Hoffke Senior Dynamics Engineer Mankato
Tom Hoffmann
Tom Hoffmann Energy Transportation Manager Mankato
Dsc 0254
Mandy Hunecke Communications Director Mankato
Sara Huper
Sara Huper Accounts Payable Mankato
Russell Keniston Pp
Russell Keniston II Software Developer Mankato
Crystal Valley Coop 130
Roger Kienholz Chief Executive Officer Mankato
Nikole Kolden
Nikole Kolden Executive Assistant Mankato
Caleb Kortuem
Caleb Kortuem Software Developer Mankato
Kyle Kurth Pp
Kyle Kurth System Administrator Mankato
Bill Landin Pp
Bill Landin Energy Procurement Mananger Mankato
Amber Lang Pp
Amber Lang Feed Administrative Manager Mankato
Img 7389
Paul Lange Compliance and Safety Coordinator Mankato
Crystal Valley Coop 154
Jon Langland Chief Information Technology Officer Mankato
Jason Leary Pp
Jason Leary Ag Technology Manager Mankato
Crystal Valley Coop 155
Ashley Leivermann Chief Human Resources Officer Mankato
Dave Limoges 1
Dave Limoges Feed Sales Manager Mankato
Deb Loeffler Accounting Manager Mankato
Julie Lorentz Pp
Julie Lorentz Agronomy Administrative Manager Mankato
Lund2019 Jpg Slide Ready 0009
Doug Lund Vice President, Energy Mankato
Julie Mathews Headshot
Julie Mathews Custodial Coordinator Mankato
Jason Melzer Pp
Jason Melzer Senior IT Support Specialist Mankato
Joyce Nelson Pp
Joyce Nelson Grain Administrative Manager Mankato
Jen Olson2
Jen Olson Energy Service Dispatch Mankato
Brittany Otteson 2
Brittany Otteson Administrative Specialist Mankato
Tammy Petterson Pp
Tammy Petterson Energy Administrative Manager Mankato
Crystal Valley Coop 128
Bob Raue Vice President, Feed Mankato
Jill Roeloffs Pp
Jill Roelofs Accounts Payable Mankato
Mike Scheibel Pp
Mike Scheibel Compliance and Safety Support Mankato
Melissa Schlueter
Melissa Schlueter Logistics Coordinator Mankato
Matt Schoper Pp
Matt Schoper Agronomy Sales and Marketing Manager Mankato
Taylor Schultz
Taylor Schultz Precision Ag Consultant Mankato
Mike Scott Pp
Mike Scott Retail Operations Specialist Mankato
Ann Smith Pp
Ann Smith Human Resources Generalist Mankato
Joe St Peter
Joe St. Peter IT Support Specialist Mankato
Ann Stephenson Pp
Ann Stephenson Credit Manager Mankato
Daryl Trautmiller
Daryl Trautmiller Energy Sales and Service Manager Mankato
Crystal Valley Coop 119
Todd Wihlm Chief Financial Officer Mankato
Tammi Will Edited2
Tammi Will Account Specialist Mankato
Chris Wray Mankato