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Crystal Valley Winter Conference

Crystal Valley is excited to announce the date of the second annual Winter Conference. Be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 13, 2019. The event is scheduled to kick-off after lunch. Alee Larson - Precision Specialist
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Rail Terminal Project

Our propane rail terminal build is underway. We expect the project to last 16 weeks, weather pending. Julie Kemi - Vice President, Energy
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Annual Meeting

We’d like to inform you that the Crystal Valley annual meeting of producer members will be held on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the Verizon Wireless Center in downtown Mankato.  A buffet dinner will be served at 6:00 PM, prior to the business meeting. Dan Jones - Board President
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What is Live Feed?

Live Feed is news information that is sent to our customers by text, email or both. It’s how the feed division shares current industry news with our producers. It gives our customers an opportunity to receive up to date listings of livestock needs and sales, equipment needs and sales and facility availability. Live feed will also send out information such as holiday hours, and scheduled downtimes for our feed mills to help our customers plan their deliveries.     Dave Limoges - Feed Sales Manager
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Winter Blues?

As of this writing, we are all eagerly awaiting the results of the G20 meeting and if the US and China can start working on a trade deal. We are also watching the South American crop during their growing season. Crop conditions in Brazil so far are looking quite good. We will see if the good weather continues for the next couple of months. Megan Tusa - Grain Marketer
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World Pork News

U.S. pork growth has been rapid in recent years. USDA estimates 2018 pork production to be up 13.9% compared to five years ago. Dave Limoges - Feed Sales Manager
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Lakefield Grain Elevator Operations

Commencing on December 1, 2018, Crystal Valley will operate the Lakefield Grain Elevator on an appointment-only basis.  Crystal Valley will still purchase grain year-round but will have limited delivery hours into Lakefield during the non-harvest months. Roger Kienholz - Chief Executive Officer
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Planning Ahead for Your Energy Needs

As most of you have wrapped, or are about to wrap harvest, we want to recap 2018 and some of the things we want to proactively approach in the coming year. Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager
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