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LP Safety

Our customer's safety is first and foremost.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a corn dryer, hog barn, home furnace or LP cylinder on a grill or forklift. We are always thinking of safety with any and all LP / Propane applications. Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager
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Preparing Tanks for Cooler Temps

As we push into a later harvest this fall and we are now confronted with below normal temps, it is important to be mindful of your fuel filter and tank maintenance. Regardless of the size of your fuel tank(s), it is important to change filter head filters and equipment filters regularly.  Soy methyl ester is a natural solvent that scours/cleans the inside of the fuel tanks resulting in the loose material in with the fuel. Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager
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Preparing Your Barns for Colder Weather

ARE YOUR BARNS READY FOR WINTER? Frost on the windshield serves not only as a reminder that colder days are not far off, but that it’s time to prepare livestock buildings for winter. It’s important to bring back thoughts of cold weather ventilation. There are three major challenges associated with cold weather ventilation; maintaining a healthy comfortable indoor environment, conserving energy and keeping operating cost down. Dave Limoges - Feed Sales Manager
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October Grain News

We have put together a decent rally since putting in our year lows in mid-September. We are up about 24 cents for corn and 55 cents for beans as I am writing this. TJ Fulton - Grain Marketer
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B5 Contracting and Propane

Harvest is underway.  We know from the spring we had, this was going to be a trying year.  Know that your energy sales staff always does their best to keep you informed of buying opportunities to save you money where we can.  Whether that be forward contracting or just regular contact when cash buying so you can make an informed decision at that time. Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager
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Feed Update - October, 2018

All our mill sites have customers who are looking for nursery and finishing sites both short and long-term. If you have any interest in visiting about options on contracts available, please contact your local sales representative. Dave Limoges - Feed Sales Manager
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Inscalis Insecticide and product Sefina

BASF received US Federal Registration for Inscalis Insecticide and product Sefina on September 13th. Sefina is a new insecticide to the soybean aphid market. This new insecticide has proven to be safe on beneficial and pollinator insects. There will be a limited launch of this product for the 2019 crop year. Matt Schoper - Agronomy Sales and Marketing Manager
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