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Special Meeting Results

A Special Meeting for the voting members of Crystal Valley was held on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, at the cooperative’s main office, 1911 Excel Drive, Mankato, MN.
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New Release - Patron Portal App

Our development team has been busy creating a full customer experience app. Our latest update includes our Proposal Tool, which allows our Sales Agronomists to send customers their proposal and allows customers to pay online!
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Janesville Location Update

If you’ve been by our Janesville location recently, you’ve probably noticed some big changes taking shape! In mid- April the new Agronomy Office opened
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Crystal Valley Offices Reopening

Crystal Valley offices will again be open to the public with the exception of Feed Mills/Feed Mill Offices which will remain closed due to Bio-Security concerns for Food/Feed Safety. We appreciate your understanding of the need to do business a little differently during these unprecedented times and we look forward to continuing to provide services in the way you feel most comfortable. 
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Free Wi-Fi Access to Help Bridge Gap During COVID-19

This month, we are proud to announce a new effort to tackle the lack of rural broadband access, an issue dramatically heightened by the coronavirus pandemic and for many, the unparalleled and sudden shift to conducting virtually all daily tasks online. Select Land O’Lakes facilities and select Crystal Valley locations are planning to offer free and open Wi-Fi access to local citizens for the next six weeks.
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Crystal Valley's Approach to COVID-19

Spring planting season is upon us, and unfortunately, so is the nation-wide concern about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effect on employee and customer health and safety. Roger Kienholz - CEO
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