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Aug 21, 2018

Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybeans

By Matt Schoper - Agronomy Sales and Marketing Manager

As I traveled the area this past week, I noticed Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) starting to appear in soybean fields. Two years ago there was a fair amount, and it makes sense pressure would be high again as we are coming back in those same fields again with soybeans. 

SDS often appears in fields with low, poorly drained or compacted areas; however, it also can get bad in highly productive soils that have had a lot of moisture. You generally start seeing the symptomology 10 to 14 days after heavy rainfalls in the reproductive state. Rainfall has allowed the toxins to be produced by the fungus in the roots and then be translocated in the plants. 

Many have used ILeVO seed treatment to help in defense of SDS  over the past couple of years, so, we will be taking notes of our level of suppression or control of the disease. If you need help identifying the disease, please reach out to your Crystal Valley Agronomist. 

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