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Oct 15, 2019

Planter Rebuild Project

By Jason Leary - Ag Technology Manager

Crystal Valley purchased this 2013 John Deere 1770NT in March 2019. Our intent with this project was to completely rebuild the planter with new wear parts, and all brand new precision planting technology.

Our goal: to have a field ready, high-speed planter available with it looking like a late spring. Turns out, having this rebuilt planter on hand provided a few different benefits.

First, we were able to show a finished planter, with all the parts on, for customers to actually see in person.  We could also demo the planter with a few different growers where they could physically test out the technology for themselves. This allowed us to compare acres per hour productivity, locally, with a highspeed planter vs. standard planter. 

The 3rd benefit of this rebuild was addressing the resale topic. We wanted to know how well a used planter with precision planting equipment would resell online.

The wear parts we replaced consisted of: parallel arms, gauge wheel arms, closing wheel bushings. 

Precision planting component: Delta Force (Individual hydraulic downforce) Vdrive with Vset meters (12v electric drive motors), speedtube (high-speed seed delivery belt), and a new liquid fertilizer system was installed.

In July of 2019, we sold our first planter rebuild.

Our team so pleased with the results with this rebuild, we have decided to try this project again next year! Contact our Precision Team for more information at 507-833-2939.  

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