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Dec 03, 2020

New Feed Mill to be Built in Trimont, MN

Crystal Valley has announced plans to build a new feed mill in Trimont, MN. Construction is set to begin in the spring of 2021, with completion scheduled for the fall of 2022.

This new mill will be a concrete, slip-formed facility with production capacity in excess of 500,000 tons per year.  It will feature a nine-ton mixer with approximately 2,000 tons of ingredient storage and 1700 tons of finished feed load-out space.

Crystal Valley’s Feed Division has seen steady volume growth over the last decade, which is beginning to challenge the production capacity of its current four mills located in Jackson, Janesville, La Salle, and Vernon Center, MN.

“We believe we can be much more efficient in our feed manufacturing at Crystal Valley by operating from an upgraded mill in Vernon Center and a new mill in Trimont versus continuing to utilize all four mills that we have in our system today.” says Roger Kienholz, CEO, “This will also enable us to keep up with the increasing feed demands of our growing pork-producing customers.”

In June of 2020, an expansion of Crystal Valley’s newest mill in Vernon Center (built in 2006) began. This upgrade which includes additional ingredient storage, load-out bins, and roller-milling capacity is scheduled for completion in January of 2021. 

Bob Raue, VP of Feed, added, “This new mill will provide a safer work environment for our employees, utilizing new automation and technology in a facility that meets all industry standards for compliance with OSHA and FSMA.”

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