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Oct 29, 2018

LP Safety

By Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager
LP Safety

We talk about our products, our programs, and our services most of the time.  I would like to take the time in this article to discuss LP or propane safety.

Here at Crystal Valley, our customer's safety is first and foremost.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a corn dryer, hog barn, home furnace or LP cylinder on a grill or forklift. We are always thinking of safety with any and all LP / Propane applications.

Home Heat

Current customers using LP/propane to heat your home and or garage, we aren’t trying to wreck your day by asking for an adult to be home for a “Right to Know and or Leak Check.” Safety is always top of mind and we want all customers to have all of the information necessary.  

For new customers, we at Crystal Valley as your new LP/Propane supplier, legally have to do a pressure test for (3) three minutes at a certain pressure depending upon what type system you have.  In addition, any time you change out an appliance, i.e. a gas stove, where the connection is broken and re-hooked, you need to have us perform a leak check.  Any integrity issue at the fitting or line could cause a leak.  You and your family’s safety is first on our minds and we want to make sure everything works in your home as it should.

Hog Barns/Dryers

Facility safety for you and your employees is paramount.  Larger setups are typically 3 to 4 tanks plumbed together. Proper installation of a setup this size requires planning and compliance. Crystal Valley can set, trench, and plumb your barn or dryer, so you have uninterrupted service.  If you need any service work completed, please call us. Our labor rates are very competitive and it pays to have one of our professional technicians install a tank(s) and do the work.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing the install was done with safety and operational efficiency in mind.

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