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Oct 08, 2020

Harvest 2020

With harvest in full swing, here’s a glimpse at how things are progressing around our territory.

On Monday, October 5, our Hope location had the biggest day ever! There were 416,000 bushels dumped by 485 trucks in 14.5 hours. Break that down, and it’s one truck every two minutes!

Bean harvest has wrapped for the most part down in the Trimont area, and most have made the switch to corn. Moisture has been around 13.8 to 18%.

Over in Jackson, bean harvest is also mostly complete, and they are about 30% done with corn harvest. Yields are sounding great – 190-220 on average.

In the Madelia area, bean Harvest is winding down. Corn Moisture has been very dry compared to last year, with a lot of corn coming out of the field between 14-17% moisture.  Yields on both corn and beans have been above average as a whole! 

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