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Jul 02, 2020

Grease – What To Know Before Fall Harvest

By Chris Hulke - Energy Sales

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about equipment maintenance for the fall harvest season.  CENEX premium greases help extend the life of your equipment reducing costly downtime and repair expenses.

Unfortunately, not all grease is created equal, and knowing which lubricant product is the right fit for you can be challenging. It is also important to make sure your greases are compatible with each other.

A couple of our most popular greases are:

Blue Gard® 500+™ - “is a premium grease that’s flexible enough for most applications, yet tough enough to handle severe conditions and withstand heavy shock loading. This grease provides excellent protection for your equipment from rust, oxidation, and wear – and extends equipment life. Blue Gard 500+ is a premium, heavy-duty, lithium complex, multi-purpose grease recommended for automotive, industrial, and agricultural use.”

Maxtron® EP – “reduces friction between metal parts, especially in extreme pressure, severe load, and shock-loading applications. In addition, Maxtron EP contains 3% moly (molybdenum disulfide) to enhance the lubrication capabilities between sliding components. Maxtron EP is an extreme duty, lithium complex, semisynthetic multi-purpose grease recommended for construction, industrial, and agricultural use.”

If you are looking for the right lubricant for your tractor, vehicle, or piece of equipment please visit the Cenex Equipment Lookup Tool at or reach out to your Crystal Valley Representative.

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