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Apr 04, 2018

Feed Update

By Bob Raue - Vice President, Feed
New Employees

Crystal Valley would like to welcome several new employees to our feed team. »

  • Mitch Olson is a Feed Delivery Driver and lives in Waseca, MN. 
  • Johnathan Johnson is a Warehouse Operator and will fill in as a delivery driver when needed. Johnathan lives in Janesville, MN. Mitch and Johnathan work at our Janesville location.
  •  Hilary Rossow is a Feed Administrative Assistant; Hilary lives in Lakefield, MN.
  • Tyler Allen is a Feed Delivery Driver and lives in Sherburn, MN. Hilary and Tyler work at our Jackson location.
  •  Andy Bergemann is in Mill Operations and he will fill in as a Feed Delivery Driver as needed. Andy lives in the Good Thunder, MN area. Andy works at our Vernon Center location.
  • Julie Mathews is a Feed Administrative Assistant. Julie lives in Madelia, MN, and works at our Lake Crystal office.

Crystal Valley Winter Conference

Crystal Valley held a Winter Conference for our customers on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, in Mankato at the Verizon Center. The Feed Division hosted a break out session at which Dr. David Wright gave a presentation. Dr. Wright is the Minnesota Secure Pork Supply Coordinator for the Minnesota Board of Animal Health. Dr. Wright gave a presentation concerning a Secure Pork Supply Plan (SPS). The topic was Preparing for A Foreign Animal Disease. The SPS plan is a voluntary initiative to provide commercial pork producers with a workable continuity of business plan in the event of a Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) outbreak. The plan outlines emergency disease preparedness as well as how to work with state and federal animal health officials. The plan also builds confidence by proving producers can provide a safe supply of pork. For resources that are available to get started on the Secure Pork Supply plan, go to to review the details of the program, or contact Dr. David Wright at either or 763-242-7535.

Capital Improvements

The Jackson mill has completed several capital improvements. A new stainless steel, double scaled, rotary system micro table has been installed. Automation upgrades for the mill distributors and the roller mill have also been completed. The upgrades will enable the equipment to be controlled through the computer rather than manually.

Capital improvements have also been done in Janesville. A new triple-stacked roller mill with automatic roll adjustment has been installed. A new automated distributor was also installed as part of the project. The installation of the roller mill will speed up the manufacturing process.

Capital improvements scheduled for the Vernon Center and the LaSalle mills will be completed by early summer.

These capital improvements and updates help us serve our customers more efficiently, and we thank you for your support.

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