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Aug 20, 2018

Equipment Upgrades Completed at Vernon Center Mill

By Dave Limoges - Feed Sales Manager

We’re happy to announce new Easy Automation software has been installed in our Vernon Center mill. This software controls the feed manufacturing process. A new Easy Automation micro table was also installed which includes thirty-bins, double scales, and a rotary dump system. Two new totes tender racks were also added giving the mill a total of four. Using 2000# totes will cut down on the handling of 50# bags. These upgrades will help gain efficiencies for the mill.


Upgrades were also done on the mills load-out bins. The hoppers of six bins were refabricated and the fourteen-inch gates were replaced with twenty-inch gates. The remaining eight bins will have the upgrade done in the future. The four-ton hopper scale was replaced with a new six-ton hopper scale. These upgrades will speed up the loading process.


Crystal Valley would like to congratulate all the 4-H participants through-out the different counties. The dedication and hard work that you do is appreciated. The friends you have made and the experiences you have had will be something you will never forget. Good luck to all those attending the state fair.

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