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Apr 06, 2018

Energy Update

By Bruce Lauver - Vice President, Energy

Fall was very busy for energy. We want to thank our Ag customers for working with our propane drivers and for being patient this past fall. With a very short harvest season our inventories dropped rapidly, but with the help of our suppliers and transporters, we had enough supply to service our customers.

A special thanks to our LP drivers, and to Jim Jung our LP Energy Manager, for working day and night with our customers, suppliers, and transporters and keeping Crystal Valley and our customers supplied with propane.

Spring update

Normally we would see a dip in diesel pricing to give us buying opportunities to lock in pricing and supply for spring sales. This year, we saw markets trend more up than down all winter. Nathan Monroe, Refined Fuel Manager, has watched the markets and did a great job in locking in supply at the lows for your spring contracting.

Our recommendation is to keep inventories full and contact buying as we see some dips in the markets. Spring will also see some challenges as we see B-20 enter into the marketplace. Please contact your sales team for further information on diesel supply and purchasing.

Personal Note

I retired April 2, 2018. My short time at Crystal Valley has been a great experience and the best company that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work for. I want to thank all our customers for the loyalty and for all the business they have given to Crystal Valley and the energy team. We have a very highly skilled and dedicated workforce at Crystal Valley, and a big thanks to all of them for helping us move into the future.

I also would like to thank the leadership team and management staff for the hard work and time they have spent on making Crystal Valley the best coop in the upper Midwest.

My sincere thanks to everyone, and wishing the best for Crystal Valley, employees, and patrons.

Thank you and good luck!

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