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Sep 05, 2018

Cenex Total Protection Warranty

By Chad Larson - Energy Sales Manager

Crystal Valley, through our affiliation with CHS, offers an equipment warranty program called the “Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty” which is primarily offered to just agricultural customers.  Being around the farm equipment business most of my life, I will tell you, this program really covers program participants very well in the event there ever is a mechanical failure on a warrantied piece of equipment. The support from CHS and Crystal Valley to process the claim is very easy. We take care of getting the claim process started all the way through the presentation of a check.

To enroll in the program, simply call me, or one of the sales associates in your geographic area, and we can walk you through the program details and requirements to participate.  You have three options:

1. New = the equipment must be signed up before 400 tachometer hours OR within (6) six months of acquisition. It must be a diesel engine and 25 horsepower or greater.

2. Expanded Component = the equipment must be signed up BEFORE 2 year / 2,000 hours to capitalize on coverage close to signing the equipment up as “new.”

3. Used = the equipment gets the pro-rated hours/year on the equipment with 8,000 hours / 8 years and the threshold.  So if you had a 3-year-old tractor for example with 3,000 hours, you would get the balance of 5,000 hours / 5 years of coverage.  Very good coverage still for ag equipment that’s already had some fair use in the field.

Coverage includes lubricated parts, injectors, and injector pump. Depending upon when you sign up the piece of equipment, and/or the coverage you qualify for; the best approach is to sign up from the beginning with new equipment. You can cover the engine, injectors, transmission/hydraulic, differential/hubs – all from new warranty signup.

I would encourage you to consider enrolling any equipment you have qualifying within the parameters listed above. Dealership shop rates remained high, and we’ve seen warranty claim testimonials of CaseIH Quadtracs and Deere 9R’s claims reach $60,000. With the Cenex TTP Warranty, you have no deductible, no burden of proof required, and it is transferable, adding value to your equipment when, and If, you ever trade.

Please contact your local Crystal Valley Energy Salesperson to get signed up!  

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