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Mar 15, 2018

Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty Helps Another Customer

By Chad Larson

Once again, the Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty has come through! Curtis Hoppe of rural Trimont received a check from the Cenex TPP Warranty in the amount of $11,540 for injector parts and repairs on his John Deere 9530T tractor.

The Cenex TTP Warranty is by far the best insurance you can get for today’s expensive repairs.  With the equipment of today being complex, and with high shop rates, you can quickly see how valuable it can be. 

If you’re already using Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster and Cenex Oils, you are already doing part of what’s required to enroll. For new equipment, your equipment must be enrolled under 400 engine hours or from 6 months of putting it into service.  For used equipment, you will receive the pro-rated difference from 8 years or 8,000 hours.  For example, if you have a tractor with 3,000 hours and it’s 3 years old, you get 5,000 hours or 5 years, whichever comes first, before it will expire.


If you’re interested in learning more or want to enroll a piece of equipment, call me or one of my salespersons and we would be more than happy to get you signed up.

Chad Larson

Energy Sales Manager

Crystal Valley Cooperative


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