Saturday, April 29, 2017
Crystal Valley Grain
Madelia Corn Soybeans
Change Bid Change Bid
April 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.75
May 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.75
June 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.70
July 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.70
October 17 -1.50 3.35 -2.00 8.72
December 17 -1.50 3.37 -2.00 8.81
January 18 -1.50 3.40 -2.00 8.84
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Production Livestock 

Your Crystal Valley Feed Division has three up-to-date HACCP certified feed mills that can meet all of your milling and delivery needs. Crystal Valley is committed to servicing the livestock feeding industry and its producer/customers. Our feed mills are located in LaSalle, Janesville, and Vernon Center in south central Minnesota. 

We offer competitive pricing, and quality control, and we have bio-security programs in place for our mills, delivery equipment, and personnel for on-farm deliveries. We have trained and experienced personnel who are ready to serve you. Our promise to our customers is that we will work closely with them to meet their needs and expectations.

Please give us a call today to set up a meeting to learn how we can bring value to your livestock feeding operation.


Swine Production Services

  • Pig Sourcing – Crystal Valley is aligned with many pig sources for your pig needs.
  • Projections – Crystal Valley feed sales staff can put together performance and financial projections with the input of your marketing goals and pig flow.
  • Feed Budgeting and Tracking – We can provide feed budgets to help you accurately target your pigs, feed consumption for best performance and cost of production.
  • Farm Closeouts—With your information, we can provide a performance closeout. If you include the financial and marketing of the group, we can provide a financial closeout.
  • Particle and Micron Size - Crystal Valley has a Ro-tap micron tester at each of its three feed mills. The Ro-tap enables us to check and accurately grind your feed to the correct micro size.
  • Grain Bank and Contracting - Crystal Valley offers grain bank services and has available contracting of other feed ingredient needs.
  • Diet Formulation- Crystal Valley has the program to provide a balanced diet based upon the feed intake and the desired performance of the animals.
  • Experienced sales staff- Crystal Valley has a leading edge sales staff that can provide the latest innovations in the industry. If you have questions about production, facilities, ventilation, remodel or expansion, pig contracts, etc., we have trained people to assist you.