Saturday, April 29, 2017
Crystal Valley Grain
Madelia Corn Soybeans
Change Bid Change Bid
April 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.75
May 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.75
June 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.70
July 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.70
October 17 -1.50 3.35 -2.00 8.72
December 17 -1.50 3.37 -2.00 8.81
January 18 -1.50 3.40 -2.00 8.84
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Propane Information

Summer fills are due for discount by September 30, 2016.  

Replace Regulators and Leak Tests:  Your safety is our first priority.  Propane industry regulations maintain that regulators have a useful life of 15 to 25 years (depending on the manufacture) and need to be replaced at that time.  Our insurance company also mandates compliance with this rule. We also are checking your LP systems to make sure they are leak free.  If you know your system has not been checked in the last 5 years, or you have changed any LP appliances or made any changes to your LP system, you need to call us and set up a time to have your system checked.


Propane Contract Forms

If you are interested in contracting: Remember that you may contract at anytime for the following September – March time period.  Please call us at 507-726-6455 for the contract price.  You can print a contract out below.  You will still need to send it to the office along with your deposit to validate the contract.  Your account must be current to contract propane.  Home heat customers are strongly encouraged to prepay 100% and be on our scheduled delivery programfor the best pricing available. 

Please completely fill-out and return the form(s) below:

Home Heat Propane Contract, click here.

Dryer, Barn and Commercial Contract, click here.

Dryer, Barn and Commercial Contract EXAMPLE, click here.


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