Saturday, April 29, 2017
Crystal Valley Grain
Madelia Corn Soybeans
Change Bid Change Bid
April 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.75
May 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.75
June 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.70
July 17 -2.50 3.16 -1.00 8.70
October 17 -1.50 3.35 -2.00 8.72
December 17 -1.50 3.37 -2.00 8.81
January 18 -1.50 3.40 -2.00 8.84
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AgQuest Finance and Insurance Options

AgQuest Finance and Insurance Options:

AgQuest is a uniquely different finance and insurance company. It’s owned by Crystal Valley Coop along with other farm supply retailers across the U.S., offering convenient access to dynamic financial products and services with competitive rates and flexibility all available at Crystal Valley Coop. AgQuest is backed by a century of experience and currently serves farm supply retailers across the U.S. Learn more at  

What AgQuest Offers:

Finance Options include operating loans to support the direct production expenses of an agricultural producer.  We offer a unique variety of options such as the Companion® Family of Loan products, including: Companion Direct, Companion DirectMAX  and Secured Companion crop input loans to suit your individual needs. AgQuest and Crystal Valley have joined forces to reward you with lower interest rates on crop input finance. AgQuest is also ready with individual and equipment line loans, revolving lines of credit, real estate loans, facility financing and leasing options through our sister companion, Northland Capital. For more information on finance options click here.

At AgQuest  Insurance Agency we have multiple companies and specialize in Crop Insurance, Livestock Insurance, Precision Farming,  Weather Risk and Property & Casualty Insurance. We map every acre we insure and do on-farm consultations.

AgQuest Insurance Agency is an Equal Opportunity Provider. 


Contact us for your Finance and Insurance Needs. 


Ryan Feist, CCA, TSP

Business Relationship Manager / Crop Insurance Specialist



AgQuest                Insurance


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